• I have had an accident and smashed the sapphire crystal in my watch. Can I get it replaced?

    This can happen although sapphire crystals are extremely scratch resistant (only diamonds can scratch them). They are also very hard which can make them brittle. If you drop your watch onto a ceramic tiled bathroom floor, it is possible that the sapphire crystal could break. This kind of accident is not covered by the guarantee. 

    We can replace the sapphire crystal. We also recommend that the watch be serviced because shards of crystal may have entered into the movement. We would have to charge for these services.

  • I have had an accident and the watchcase is badly damaged. Can I get it replaced?

    Any case defects caused by manufacturing will of course be replaced free of charge. However if you have badly damaged your case through an accident and it needs replacing we can replace the case but we will have to charge for a new one in this instance.

  • What is the life span of my Everglade Alligator strap and my leather strap?

    The care that we devote to the production of Van Brauge Everglade Alligator leather watch straps and the tests that we carry out on them ensure that they are of the highest quality. Under normal conditions a Van Brauge leather strap should enjoy an average lifespan of between six and twelve months. This varies according to conditions, the regularity of wear and the environment of its use. For example, contact with water could cause premature wear and tear of the strap. We have provided you with two straps for your watch. We suggest that you change between the two to enhance the life span of your straps and to keep a fresh look to your watch.

  • The buckle on my watch strap is damaged. Can I get it replaced?

    If you have damaged your stainless steel or 18K gold buckle on your leather strap and you want to have it replaced we can sell you a new stainless steel buckle. There is also the possibility that we can repair the 18K Gold buckle.

    Regarding bracelets unless it is suffering from generalised wear and tear, it would not be appropriate for us to carry out (and invoice) this repair when we know from experience that the new buckle will not hold if the rest of the bracelet is already in a worn condition. In these circumstances, we will replace the buckle free of charge.

  • Do all “Van Brauge” watches come with a guarantee?

    All watches bought from our online store www.vanbraugewatches.com or through our authorised boutique dealers that are accompanied by the Van Brauge International Warranty Booklet are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for an unlimited period. 

    More than 24 months after the date of purchase, the labour involved in all repairs will be invoiced, together with the replacement of parts.

  • What do the words “Automatic” mean on my watch dial?

    The term “Automatic” refers to the watch movement function. The self-winding mechanical VB 24A movement does not need to be wound up on a daily bases however, this depends on the wrist movements of the wearer. When fully wound, the watch will have a power reserve between 32 and 38 hours. The watch’s self-winding mechanism is directly linked to the wearer’s activity. Ten to twelve hours wear per day should be sufficient to generate a power reserve of 20 hours or more, which ensures that the watch will continue to run throughout the night. However, if a watch has not been worn for several days and thus its power reserve has run low, we recommend you wind the watch manually for around 15 rotations of the crown (clockwise) to ensure the best possible rate from the outset.

  • Where does the luminosity of my watch’s dial and hands come from?

    Van Brauge watches use Super-LumiNova material for the dials and hands of its watches. The hand and the hour index indicators use Super-LumiNova. 

    This Super-LumiNova material takes its luminosity from daylight or any artificial source of light. The watch should therefore be exposed to bright light in order to ensure the luminosity of the dial and hands in the dark. The colour of the Super-LumiNova material is different on our various watch models from C1 – White / Green, C3 – Light Green / Green, C7 – Green / Green.

  • How often do I need to service my watch?

    We recommend a water-resistance check every eighteen months as the best way to guarantee the water resistance of your watch.

    We recommend a complete service every four to five years to ensure the time keeping of your watch remains stable. 

    During the service, the mechanical parts of the movement that need replacing due to wear will be included in the service cost. A new crown will be fitted free of charge. Additionally included in the price the case will be polished or brushed depending on which model you own.

  • What do the words “Shock Resistant” mean on my watch dial?

    The modified 11 ½ linge VB – 24A Automatic movement is fitted with 26 jewels. Balance pivots and jewel bearings that support a watch balance wheel are fragile in comparison to the mass they must support. Without shock protection they are the part of the watch most likely to be damaged under impact. 

    The VB 24A Automatic movement is fitted with an Incabloc system using a “lyre-shaped” spring to allow the delicate bearings to shift in their settings under impact, until a stronger shoulder of the staff contacts the strong metal end piece, so that the pivots and bearings don’t have to bear the force of the impact. When the impact is over, the springs guide the parts back to their original positions. The staff itself does not move relative to the jewel bearing, but the whole bearing is carried in a metal bushing that is free to move in the metal end piece, under the control of the spring thus protecting your watch from accidental impact damage.