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Max Van Brauge’s parents in Hyde Park, London, 1954. His mother on the far right, and his father on the left, wearing the watch that inspired Max.

From Father to Son

In 1975, when he was ten, Max Van Brauge inherited his father’s watch. It was a classic 1950’s Swiss Automatic Watch with 25 Jewels, typical of those worn by professional men at that time. It evoked the essential style and sophistication of the English Gentleman.

Max Van Brauge’s father’s watch.

The classic design and quality of this first watch sparked Max’s imagination as child. His ownership of this watch became the first step upon a career path that changed Max Van Brauge’s life forever as a watchmaker.

Max at the bench.


Max initially trained in jewellery making. However, always, at the back of his mind was his desire to learn more about his father’s watch. He began by designing a watchcase for his father’s watch, but his studies soon led him deeper into the world of watchmaking. Max advanced into training as a watchmaker himself. He spent many years deepening his studies and honing his skills as a watchmaker studying at the Watchmaking School in Birmingham, with the British Horological Institute, West Dean College in Chichester, and with Sotheby’s & Christies.

The eternal beauty of the city of Oxford inspired Van Brauge’s Oxford Collection of Gentlemen’s Watches.


Max began his professional life as a watchmaker in the historic city of Oxford. A location that would eventually provide the inspiration for his own Oxford Collection of Gentlemen’s Watches. Oxford evokes the spirit of Van Brauge watches: authentic, classic, intelligent sophistication and beauty. Like the city, Van Brauge’s Oxford Collection is a fine balance of subtle style and quality, with an appeal that is eternal.

The Essence of Englishness Abroad

From his beginnings in Oxford, Max Van Brauge’s skills as a watchmaker were sought by several big international companies across the world and he has worked in Germany and Switzerland. Yet the desire to return to the classic style of his father’s watch and to create his own unique statement as a watchmaker led him to establish Van Brauge watches.

Van Brauge Watch Company

Our Mission

Van Brauge’s mission is to make classic watches that are objects of excellence and authentic beauty without compromise. His wish is to offer these collections not only to watch enthusiasts and collectors, but to clients who wish to invest in time-pieces that reflect their own classic style and finesse.